Dad has a bicycle named Linus. 

Today is kind of a big day for dad. See, dad has been running most of his life—he even ran in a few marathons and races and did quite well. I helped him train for them! We always ran outside, even in the coldest, wettest, snowiest or iciest conditions. We live in Boston, MA, so it gets pretty intense. But then one day dad got an injury—I don’t really understand it but it has kept us from running for nearly 2 full years.

So dad got a bike named Linus to try to keep up his physical condition (dad hates gyms). Dad takes Linus out, without me, almost every day. Well, almost every day. However, he can’t really take Linus out in the kind of conditions that we used to run in. Once it’s too cold or icy, Linus goes into hibernation.

Dad has been saying how thankful he is that the weather has been mild enough to keep Linus awake throughout December.  But the forecast is about to change dramatically, so dad says Linus is going into hibernation soon.

Here is the thing. I know something dad doesn’t know: As much as he likes Linus, he doesn’t see how Linus has kept him from taking those first few steps to start running again.  Don’t me wrong.  Linus is a great bicycle.  And a good looking one too.  But I know that dad could have started running again a few months ago. I think he is a bit scared. He is probably worried that he will get injured again. Or is embarassed by the fact that he has to ease into it after being such an avid runner all his life.

But today I have made it clear that if he is not ready to start running again, I am! So dad has promised me that we are going to start running again today! It will be a quick walk/jog for now, but by the Spring I bet we will be back to our old stride, and dad will be back to his old self.

Linus is welcome to stay, but I will be dad’s athletic partner and cheerleader once again.

Welcome back, dad.